Rough Knowledge celebrates the ordinary and meditates on the unimaginable; it both embraces and laments the reality that the knowledge we have when embarking on any journey is incomplete.

Awarded the 2014 Philip Levine Prize for Poetry

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Hear Christine read two poems in this two minute video.

Check out this interview with The Normal School and this review
in the Swarthmore College Bulletin.

What Others are Saying:

Poreba maximizes the effects of visceral language in this fine-tuned debut.
— Publishers Weekly

These poems are love letters to our interior lives, walks through the wilderness of our world, the register of a life lived deeply...This is a hard book to put down.
—Marty Saunders in the Raleigh Review

Hers is a beautifully sustained and often surprising art of connections that takes nothing for granted. She has an eye for exact particulars and doesn’t stray from them...her poems are so transparent, so quiet and intimate with the daily ambiguities and revelations of experience, that if you listen carefully you can almost believe the movement within her poems is like breathing: inward-containment, outward-space. I want such poetry close at hand.
— Peter Everwine, Judge, Philip Levine Prize for Poetry

There is an extraordinary lightness to this collection of poems — it is as if they are floating just above the surface of the earth. Christine Poreba’s debut collection is radiantly lovely.
— Sidney Wade